Vacuum Thermoforming

Since 1958, VERGA-Plast has been a pioneer in Italy in vacuum thermoforming.
Discover 'VERGA-Plast - Ai Assistant', the 1st real virtual assistant, based on artificial intelligence, in the European vacuum thermoforming industry is ready to help you!

Since 1958, VERGA-Plast has been a pioneer in Italy in the vacuum thermoforming of thermoplastic sheets in small, medium and large series.

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Do you want to switch from sheet metal to plastic?

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Giving new life to plastic

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Do you already have a mould but want to try our service?

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Do you want to make handling trays for automation or anthropomorphic robots?

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Do you want to realise an idea in plastic?

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Are you looking for expert help in the realisation of a 3D drawing optimised for thermoforming?

Other services

Hot folding

Ideal for bending previously cut sheets using 5 Axis CNC robots or laser cutting.

3D printing

High-quality FDM 3D printing service.

Ideal for producing samples or one-offs.

Laser cutting

The laser cutting technique produces products with clean, clean edges, engraved lettering or logos, for high-quality products with an attractive design.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding enables reliable spot welding between plastic elements.

"Tradition, Quality, Passion and Innovation have distinguished VERGA-Plast since its foundation".


a story of passion and love

Made in Italy

Respect and love for people and the planet are at the heart of our thinking.

These pillars have been the basis of our ethical choice to continue manufacturing in Italy uninterruptedly since 1958. 

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