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Producing in Italy with passion since 1958

The history of a company is one of the keys to understanding its achievements, and for us each milestone is a starting point, a new stimulus to continue innovating.

This is why we have been producing in Italy with passion for more than 65 years, becoming a meeting point between the ancient traditions of Made in Italy and the most innovative discoveries in science and technology.

Not just a company

Passion & Experience

We have been producing in Italy with passion since 1958.

100% High-quality materials

We focus on the search for innovative, high-quality materials.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment and for people is inherent in our code of ethics and underpins every single decision we make.

Family tradition

For three generations, VERGA-Plast has remained true to its origins, choosing to produce in Italy, making innovative, high-quality products.

This photo shows a thermoformed element
This photo shows a thermoformed element
LEADER in Italy since 1958

Since 1958, VERGA-Plast has been a pioneer in Italy in vacuum thermoforming from sheet metal.

Realizziamo prodotti termoformati conto terzi seguendo il cliente dallo sviluppo alla realizzazione del prodotto grazie all’esperienza maturata dal 1958.

application sectors

Discover 'VERGA-Plast - Ai Assistant', the 1st real virtual assistant, based on artificial intelligence, in the European vacuum thermoforming industry is ready to help you!

"The basis of customer satisfaction must be product quality, reliability and passion.


Made in Italy

Boats entirely manufactured in Italy and designed by the most experienced shipwrights. Wide range of mooring buoys.

This photo shows Coral View 250, the transparent boat produced by vergaplast
This photo shows Coral Life 250, the 100% recycled plastic boat produced by vergaplast

High quality outdoor and indoor products for true lovers of Made in Italy design.

This photo shows Casablanca
This photo shows choco produced by vergaplast at the installation of expo milano 2015