Milling and mould making

from idea to finished product

VERGA-Plast has four 5-axis CNC robots that combine the productivity of a high-speed milling machine with the potential of a moving bridge machining centre.


  • 5 AXIS CNC with tool changer - cutting area: X4050 Y2000 Z1200 (suitable for mould making)
  • 5 AXIS CNC with revolver 4 motors - cutting area: X4000 Y1200 Z800
  • 5 AXIS CNC with revolver 4 motors - cutting area: X3400 Y1400 Z800
  • 5 AXIS CNC with revolver 4 motors - cutting area: X2800 Y1100 Z600

VERGA-Plast, con i CNC a 5 assi, realizza internamente anche gli stampi necessari alla termoformatura, riuscendo a seguire il cliente durante tutto il ciclo di industrializzazione, grazie alla nostra esperienza maturata dal 1958, dal disegno al prodotto finito.

The high dynamics of all axes and the operating units with revolver or automatic tool changer guarantee maximum productivity for specific applications and meet all your expectations.

Using 5-axis CNC robots, we achieve precise cutting, which, together with our knowledge, allows us to achieve excellent quality in contouring, window milling, drilling and any other detail you want to add to the final appearance of the thermoformed product.

Using advanced CAD CAM software, we are able to program the robots directly from the three-dimensional model, guaranteeing maximum fidelity and precision in the milling of the finished product or in the manufacture of the mould.

We make aluminium moulds, resin models and cutting templates in-house.