Mold making & Contouring plastic with 5-Axis Cutting Robot

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VERGA-Plast has 4 5-axis CNC robots that combine the productivity of a high-speed milling machine with the potential of a mobile bridge machining center.

5 AXIS CNC with tool change - cutting area: X4050 Y2000 Z1200 (suitable for making molds)
5 AXIS CNC with 4 motors revolver - cutting area: X4000 Y1200 Z800
5 AXIS CNC with 4 motors revolver - cutting area: X3400 Y1400 Z800
5 AXIS CNC with 4 motors revolver - cutting area: X2800 Y1100 Z600
VERGA-Plast, with 5-axis robots, also makes the molds needed for thermoforming, managing to follow the customer throughout the industrialization cycle, thanks to our experience gained from 1958, from design to make-up.

The advanced dynamics of all axes and operating units is a revolver or an automatic automatic transmission.

The use of 5-axis CNC robot is a precise cut, thanks to which, together with our knowledge, we are able to achieve excellent quality levels in the trimming, milling of windows, drilling and any other detail you want to add to the final look of the previously thermoformed product.

Using advanced CAD CAM software we are able to program the robots starting from the three-dimensional model, being able to guarantee maximum fidelity in the precision of the work or in the realization of the mold.




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