Fuego 480

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General Description

Fuego 480 is the ideal boat for family tourism, for fishing lovers and for those who practice water sports.

It is designed with a V-hull with wide lateral skids able to create a high hydrodynamic lift.

In this way it is possible to achieve good speed with a 25 HP engine for which a license is not required; the lateral skids also give the hull a remarkable stability both in still conditions and during navigation.

Thanks to the smooth lines of the hull you get a good seaworthiness in rough water, as it is able to significantly soften the impact of the hull with the waves.

The interior of the boat is very spacious and has ample storage fore and aft.
It also comes with a comfortable sunbathing.

It is built with high sides to give more security and reliability in navigation.
Fuego 480 is built with two hulls in polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and layered mat.
Internal reinforcements are incorporated to further strengthen the structure. It's reliable and secure as in the space between the hull and deck is injected rigid polyurethane foam with closed cell of special formulation, which makes the hull absolutely unsinkable and resistant even to strong shocks.




Technical characteristics 

BOTTOM: “V”    


TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: double-shell with closed cells expanded polyurethane foam injected in the cavity

LENGTH: 4,78 m.

WIDTH: 1,80 m.

WEIGHT: 250 Kg.


OUTBOARD ENGINE LONG SHAFT: from 17,00 kW to 55,00 kW (from 22,8 Hp to 77,7 Hp)



BASE version

Complete with: paddle, wooden seats, fore peak, after peak, rubber fender.


Optional Accessories BASE version

Stainless steel lateral handrails, sundeck cushions, sundeck bottom board, fore stainless steel pulpit, cradle, waterproof boat cover, single cable steering system with wheel, awning, stainless steel ladder with stern platform, auxiliary motor bracket


OPEN version

Complete with: paddle, upholstered seats, fore peak, after peak, central peak, central dashboard with wheel, lateral handrails, fore stainless steel pulpit, rubber fender.


Optional Accessories OPEN version

Sundeck bottom board, cradle, waterproof boat cover, awning, stainless steel ladder with stern platform, auxiliary motor bracket.


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Tel. +39-029 6370886

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REA CO 166.231


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