Tender 250

General Description

It’s a small watercraft with catamaran bottom suitable for various uses. Ideal as dinghy for bigger watercrafts, useful as fishing-boat.

Tender 250 has a double-shell made of heavy gauge technopolymer with high mechanical and chemical characteristics that make the hull shock-proof and aging resistant

The cavity is totally filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam in order to make the hull absolutely unsinkable and shock resistant.

The values related to the maximum power of the engine to be installed and to the number of people onboard are indicative only.

Tender 250 has an exceptional stability thanks to its catamaran bottom composed by 2 lateral hulls.

The number pf people to be taken onboard is deduced by the current safety standards.



Technical characteristics

BOTTOM:   catamaran      

MATERIAL:   technopolymer

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION:   double-shell withclosed-cell polyurethane foam injected in the cavity

LENGTH:   2,48 m.

WIDTH:   1,22 m.

WEIGHT:   42 Kg.


ENGINE SHORT SHAFT:   from1,40 kW to 4,50 kW (from 1,9 Hp to 6Hp)



Complete with: oarlocks, pair of oars, wooden seats and peak.


Optional Accessories

Lateral stainless steel handrails, fore stainless steel pulpit, waterproof boat cover, rubber fender, awning.


TENDER 250-min
TENDER 2500-min


Boat Price List

Price list of optional accessories

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