Tender 220T

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General Description

An innovative idea joining elegance and comfort. 

This catamaran bottom watercraft is unique, in fact thanks to its complete transparency it is possible to watch the beauty of sea bottom.

It has been projected to be suitable for many purposes, from recreation to the study of marine flora and fauna in total freedom.

Its strong point is safety; in fact the particular shape of its catamaran bottom guarantee an exceptional stability and the material used to build it, polycarbonate, offers the highest resistance.

The small dimensions and the weight make Tender easy to carry and to use with rows or with a small outboard.

Small watercraft suitable for various uses. Ideal as dinghy for bigger watercrafts, useful as fishing-boat.

Thanks to its catamaran bottom composed by 2 lateral keels Tender 220T has an exceptional stability.

Model not subjected to CE certification.

The values related to the maximum power of the engine to be installed and to the number of people onboard are indicative only.

The number of people to be taken onboard is deduced from the current safety standards.


Technical characteristics 

BOTTOM:   catamaran

MATERIAL:   Polycarbonate


LENGTH:   2,20 m.

WIDTH:   1,20 m.

WEIGHT:   29 Kg.


ENGINE SHORT SHAFT up to :   max 2,90 kW (3,9 Hp)

AVAILABLE COLORS:   transparent


Complete with: oarlocks, pair of oars, wooden seats.


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