Delfino 520 Vela

General Description

It’s a watercraft suitable for family pleasure and for sailing lovers. Delfino 520 has a hull with high sides and a very prominent bow that allows it to face even very rough waters.

It has an exceptional stability thanks to its pronounced keel and its ribbings (leeboard).

It is built with two shells. Rigid expanded polyurethane foam is injected in the cavity in order to make the hull absolutely unsinkable and shock resistant.

The values related to the maximum power of the engine to be installed and to the number of people onboard are indicative only. The number of people to be taken onboard is deduced by the current safety standards.




Technical characteristics

BOTTOM: round displacing bottom


TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: double-shell withclosed cells expandedpolyurethane foam injected in the cavity

LENGTH: 5,11 m.

WIDTH: 1,70 m.

WEIGHT without sailing kit: 200 Kg.


ENGINE LONG SHAFT: from 6,80 kW to 22,00 kW (from 9,1 Hp to 29,5 Hp)



Complete with: oarlocks, pair of oars, wooden seats, rubber fender, fore peak, after peak and central peak, sail (mainsail and jib), anodized Peraluman dismountable mast and boom, swing keel, adjustable rudder complete with tiller. Stainless steel accessories


Sail area: mainsail and jib 14,40 m²


Optional Accessories:

sundeck bottom board, cradle, waterproof boat cover, auxiliary motor racket, stainless steel ladder with stern platform. 


Boat Price List

Price list of optional accessories

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